Welcome to AiREAS

A healthy city
A city in which anyone can live a healthy life – who wouldn’t want that? A city in which you can get to your work in the morning without worries, where we have parks to walk or sport. A city with clean air, where our children grow up healthy.

Everyone is responsible
A healthy city is not just the responsibility of industries that produce healthier cars. Or government that comes up with new rules against pollution. Or science that provides us with new inventions. It is the responsibility of all of us!

Citizens work together
Increasingly the citizens of a city join forces around key human values such as health. They do that privately and professionally through business enterprises, governments and scientific educational institutions. In the cooperative venture AiREAS we all commit to working together with a single purpose: a healthy city. The means? From homemade to high tech. The participants? Anyone that wants to contribute. Do you? Please contact us!

Top class participants
The Dutch city of Eindhoven is pioneer of the AiREAS citizen’s way of working. In this city we install in summer 2013 the first unique intelligent measurement system (ILM) that came about through co-creation between all participants. You can read the press release about this accomplishment here.  Participants are, apart from the initiating citizens, renown technological organizations such as Philips, Imtech en ECN. The universities of Utrecht, Twente and Amsterdam do health related research with feedback to the population. Both the city council of Eindhoven and the Provincie Noord-Brabant are committed to Local AiREAS Eindhoven through membership.

Looking at the air quality
With the intelligent, real time measurement system anyone can see the status of the quality of the local air at any time in their direct vicinity. The measurements can be followed in real time,  for instance through the internet.  AiREAS thus makes the invisible visible. In one blink of the eyes it becomes clear how we can influence our own choices of the day that affect the local air quality. Each of us can contribute in our own way to the healthy city.

Air quality and health
The measurements are not a goal on its own. The real purpose is to find and visualize the direct relationship between air quality and the health of the city’s population. That is the continuous purpose of AiREAS. All the parties involved make health driven propositions of which the practical results can be monitored through the ILM and our participating scientific researchers.

Initiatives all over the world
AiREAS offers the possibility to progress firmly in a complex field that has worldwide attention, regional air pollution, human health and sustainable progress. The unique cooperative way of working with all the different disciplines directly involved gets every participant to take responsibility and provide continuity to produce the desired results measured in health rather than anything else. With Eindhoven as pioneering example other local AiREAS initiatives can arise within the Netherlands and elsewhere, all over the world.